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JB2 is a home and building inspection company in Pennsylvania that offers professional, hassle-free consulting for HVAC needs.

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JB2 is landmark in the sense that it was my first real freelance website. After moving back to Lancaster from Harrisburg, I decided to join the local gym down the street from my house. I spoke with the owner, and after mentioning I was in the web industry he mentioned that he was looking for someone to make his website. Excitingly, I set things up between us for my first project.

The website is simple enough, in that it functions essentially as an online brochure. Since I had been previously interning at an agency and had few new tricks up my sleeve, I was ready to give it a go. I used a refined version of the initial generator-webapp + gulp-file-include setup that I had initially setup for the Fenêtre Gallery Website. This time, things went a lot smoother in the development end.


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