Fenêtre Gallery


About Fenêtre Gallery

A website for a Harrisburg-based art gallery. Originally created as a project for HACC’s Graphic & Interactive Design program.

HACC Art 114 Interactive Media & Design
Web Design Web Development

The Fenêtre Gallery was the first website where I attempted using a build tool. My professor at the time had recently introduced me to Yeoman’s generator-webapp. Determined to ‘up my game’, I decided to tackle the next class project with it.

Gulp was simple enough to use (without completely understanding what was going on). That was, after hours of figuring out how to setup npm correctly with permissions. I didn’t stop there, I attempted to integrate a plugin called gulp-file-include into the build process (to mimic the include process I had previously used with php). At this point, I ran into a blog post on the subject written none other than my professor on the subject. 😅

This worked, to an extent. Twas the night before the project was due, I ran into an issue where second-level directories weren’t injecting the includes correctly. Upon desperately researching last minute for a solution, and finding no leads other than that single blog post, I ended up abandoning the build process for those pages.

Fast forward a few months: I ended up refining this process later on and fixing the bug. I used the refined process on the JB2 Enterprises Website.


  • Web Design & Development by Aidan Parker
  • Logo, & Text © Harrisburg Area Community College
  • Edges of Light © Wendy Palmer and Kimberly Myers
  • Grotesquerie © Kristi Arnold
  • The Mighty Ballpoint © Cynthia Brantley
  • My Family and Other Animals © Cynthia Nixon
  • The Great Indoors © Erika Stearly
  • Questions Unanswered © Jenna DeNoyelles

All third party content was used with permission from the owners.